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Hey, everyone!

First of all before I begin this, wanted to say that I seen a journal post by Banana-Yvana and I'd like everyone to help her if they can. I'm not too sure of their current situation but I still want to help as much as I'm able to by informing everyone. I'll be homeless soonSoon I won't have a home to live in and was wondering if anyone is interested, please buy.
At least enough to stay at a motel for a little while.

Please help
I apologize if I didn't mention this earlier in my last journal entry. If anyone needs a shout out or needs help with their current situation be sure to let me know and I'll do what I can. :)

Alright, now...

I know in my last journal entry I said that I needed a couple of days but it seems like the time went on by further than what I wanted to and days turned into weeks and that's on me, so apologies for that... College Life is pretty difficult and it feels like it could warp one's sense of time, hahaha. In all seriousness though, been under A LOT of stress from college. I'm not gonna lie, felt like I was gonna "break" under the weight of stress at any moment, and some "stuff" happened that I rather not get into and that didn't help but since it's the last and final year for me, should be smooottthhh sailin' after that's done and over with...

What I've been doing for these past few months in between college and what little time I've had. I've actually been helping with development on a game: I wanted to show a bit more progress and get a website started up as well as to properly established ourselves a little bit before I showed it to everyone here. Got the name "Aurum" from the initial letters of our group name on here. (Awesome Underground... Au... Gold... Aurum... Get it? :P ) Been helping out with the pixel art a bit and the story and direction of the game along with my Co-Leader of this Dev Group. Wanted it to be a top-down RPG based off of games like System Shock with some lovecraftian themes and horrors but it's not set in stone yet and everything is liable to change. Maybe when we properly establish ourselves as well, I could ask my friend if he could make a website for us. ;D


One thing I've always had trouble with is proper communication. dA's note system is... To be honest fairly wonky... Could be a number of things, like maybe with how many much notifications I get, probably breaks it or something... Not too sure. I'm probably gonna clean out my notifications and will be answering certain notes as best and fast as I can and pray that the note system won't screw up on me. But yeah, I've discovered Discord over the past couple of months and I absolutely love it, Skype was being weird for me as well and it can't work on the PC I have, but Discord seems to work very well with it. I'll probably ask for people's discord names or see if they'd like to create one. I actually was thinking of starting a group on there for us to better communicate and develop stuff together.

As for journal updates, I think the next journal update will probably be a couple of weeks from now if I'm to be honest. That's another thing I wanted to work on. Sometimes, some of the journal posts I have need to be more consistant as well. The Weekly Journal Posts, been a bit difficult to keep up consistancy between juggling with college life and all that, and I'm sure it'll be even more difficult to be consistant what with me on a game dev team. I also need to tell everyone if I'm going to be on hiatus, feel like I just "leave" for long periods of time without saying a word waaayyy too often and I'm sure that leaves people with a sour taste. That's on me as well and I take full responsibility for that.

Well then! I guess that's pretty much it for now. Hope you guys have a wonderful week and will talk to some of ya soon! :D
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We're a a Underground Comic Team dedicated to, collaboration, teamwork, coming up with a bunch of ideas together to make some kickass material for you guys to enjoy reading :D
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